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Results, September 2009

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LINQ Implementation Scorecard:
LINQ Implementation Scorecard

Performance scorecard:

ORM Performance Scorecard


    • Color bar: Green cells indicate better results; Red cells indicate worse results (the most "red" value is explicitly defined in Landmark column); Yellow cells indicate average results. Color bar is continuous, so all the intermediate colors can be used.
    • Above results are produced for 1000 item sequence. Complete ORMBattle.NET Test Suite output (for 100, 1K, 5K, 10K and 30K item sequences) is here.
    • Some ORM tools were not tested for LINQ implementation - either because of impossibility to do this on our standard tests and model (Subsonic), or because of lack of tests (BLToolkit).


      LINQ implementation score

      LINQ queries performance Paging performance

      ORM materialization performance ORM fetch performance

      Create, Update and Delete performance - single optation Create, Update and Delete performance - multiple optations

      Archived results:




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